Since more than 20 years I am a teacher for all styles of Jazz Dance and Contemporary. All kind of ages and levels, from beginners to professionals cross the globe. 

I also get invitations to international judging panels for theater- and dance- (film) competitions.


'ключи' Moscow 2015 // ESDU World Dance Masters Croatia 2010 // ESDU Dancestar Qualifiers Europe 11-17 // Prague Dance Open 2010 // Dance Fest Novi Sad Serbia //  German Ballet Competition // Dance World Cup Germany 11-13 // German Youth Musical Award 04-14 // Dance World Cup Spain 17 // Monica Bleibtreu Drama Award 2017 // German Musical Theatre Award 2019 // Utah Dance Film Festival 2021

Teacher/Consultant for Dance: 

Institut for Music - University of Osnabrueck (2013-2015/GER) / Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama Hamburg (2001-2011/GER) / ZAV Placement Service for Performing Arts Dep. DANCE-by the German Government  (since 2017/GER) /Hamburg School for Acting (2018-2019/GER)

Teaching-Invitations (for example): Cheylabinsk State Academy (RUS), International Summer Lab of Contemporary Dance (RUS), Dancehouse Moskwitsch Moscow (RUS), Institute of the Arts Barcelona (ES), Dance Emotion -  Dance Academy Freiburg (GER), Iwanson International Munich (GER), Danceworks Berlin (GER), Amsterdam Dance Center (NL), Studio Harmonic Paris (F), Circle Rotterdam (NL), Polish Dance Theater Poznan (PL), New Style Motherload Oakland (USA), Westlake Dance Center Seattle (USA), Stage de Danse Liége (BEL), Fedes Brugge (BEL), Cirque Du Soleil (Europe), MOVE IT! London (UK)